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Latest Blogs

How To Get Cheaper Taxi Insurance Quotes


Everybody likes to save money if they can, especially when it comes to insurance. As a taxi driver, after the cost of purchasing or renting your vehicle, your insurance is probably your biggest expense.  You may think that affordable Taxi Insurance is hard to find, but with the right tips and techniques, getting cheap Taxi... Read more »

The Best Add-Ons For Your Taxi Insurance Policy


Here at CoverMy Cab we understand that sometimes things just don’t go your way. We think that taxi drivers should always be prepared for the worst. It’s important to ensure that you have the correct cover for every possible situation. We offer a wide range of Taxi Insurance Bolt-Ons that you can add on to... Read more »

What is Executive Chauffeur Insurance?


Executive Chauffeur Insurance is designed specifically to cover drivers of luxury, high-value cars. Chauffeur drivers carry passengers who expect a high class of service. Traditionally chauffeur drivers are polite, discreet and dressed smartly. Drivers will considerately open doors for passengers, assist with loading and unloading of any luggage. You can also expect that they have... Read more »

How do I get a licence as a taxi driver?


With almost 300,000 taxi drivers currently licensed on UK roads, becoming a taxi driver is an appealing career move for many. However, with a lot of information out there, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you need to do to become a taxi driver.  How to get a Public Hire licence Unlike... Read more »

Taxi Base Office Insurance 101


After ensuring your vehicles and drivers are insured. It is important to have the correct insurance for your Taxi Base Office. Your premises will need to be covered in the event of potential damage. This includes damage to itself or the persons inside, whether they are employees or members of the public. That’s why taxi... Read more »

Road Traffic Accidents: How To Avoid Them As A Taxi Driver


Causes of road traffic accidents are vast and varied, but the answer to avoiding collisions usually comes down to the same thing – staying calm and concentrating. Road accident statistics show that there are thousands of accidents caused on UK roads each year. With increased levels of concentration, care and awareness, this figure could be... Read more »

What is the best Taxi Insurance policy for me?


Unlike your personal car, taxis are required to have insurance for the purpose of carrying passengers for hire and reward. It’s important to consider which taxi insurance policy best fits the needs of you and your business. Do you need public hire insurance in London, or private hire insurance elsewhere? Are you looking for MPV or minibus insurance, or an insurance... Read more »