School Minibus Insurance

School Minibus Insurance

Driving a school minibus is a big responsibility, so having the correct insurance policy in place is a must. If you’re an educational institution that transports students in a minibus (9 to 17 passengers), CoverMy School Minibus has exactly what you need to ensure protection.

As you may know, insuring a minibus is very different to insuring a standard vehicle – so it’s imperative that you arrange your cover through an expert service.

With over 40 years of experience in providing school minibus insurance, we’ll gather policies from a range of independent insurers… meaning you’ll always get the best deal on your school minibus cover!


Why Choose CoverMy?

Fully Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Only cover levels available

Flexible payment plans, helping you spread the cost of your insurance

Third party property damage covered up to £5m

Legal Costs up to £100,000

Personal accident cover for the driver and passengers up to £30,000

Cover of your Windscreen, Glass and Sunroof.

Replacement for keys or locks if loss or stolen up to £1,000

EU Cover as standard for up to 30 day’s, up to 90 days upon referral *subjected to terms and conditions*

 Cover will include use of Carriage of Non Fare paying passengers and Social Domestic and Pleasure.

Passenger personal effects and luggage Cover up to £250

A Minibus is a passenger carriage vehicle used in a broad range of roles, from transporting the local sports team back and forth from games, driving schoolchildren to field trips and residentials or used by non-profit organisations such as churches and charities for community based projects.

Minibuses are less than 3.5 tonnes in weight, windows all round and typically have between 9 and 17 seats including the driver, but this can be increased depending on the vehicle up to 23 seats. Minibuses require a specialist insurance policy. CoverMy Minibus will provide quotes for the full range of minibus vehicles and uses.

Multi-passenger vehicles or MPVs are not Minibuses and will have up to 8 seats, these will be insured under a more traditional Private Car or SDP policy.

If you have a vehicle with over 17 seats we can still cover you but we would offer these under our Coach products.

CoverMy Minibus offer policies to cover a wide range of minibus uses :

CoverMy Personal or Social, Domestic & Pleasure Use – this policy caters for private use only where you will be driving your family from A to B

CoverMy Private Hire – similar to a Taxi policy, you will need the relevant licence from the local authority and will take fare paying passengers

CoverMy Carriage of non-fare paying passengers – this policy covers charities, sports clubs and schools where there is no payment to the driver by the passengers

All minibus insurance policies will cover the minimum requirements of the Road Traffic Act for third party cover, to cover in the event of damage to third party vehicles, property or and injury to individuals.

To drive any minibus with 9 or more passenger seats you will need the correct category on your driving licence issued by the DVLA.

For all non-fare paying uses you will need a category D1 licence entitlement, which allows you to drive vehicles up to 16 passenger seats, a maximum length of 8 metres and a trailer of up to 750kg. If you got your driving licence prior to 1st January 1997 you will likely have D1 entitlement.

For private hire minibus and contract use you will additionally need a PCV (passenger carrying vehicle) licence and you or your firm will need a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operator licence.

If you drive for voluntary community organisations and need to charge for running costs including fuel, you can apply for a Section 19 permit to allow this without needing a PCV licence.

For further information please visit the GOV.UK website

We can offer flexible payment plans and premium finance options allowing you to spread the cost of your policy over a longer period with the maximum being 10 months (subject to the provider’s terms and conditions).

You will find the claims number in your policy documents which you receive when you take out your policy. Their lines are normally open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just have your policy number and vehicle registration to hand when calling them.

Yes, you can add up to 4 additional named drivers to your policy at any time. Simply give us a call on 0345 040 1941 and we will be on hand to make the necessary changes.

Yes, we can upgrade you to European cover for your minibus if you plan to drive abroad.

Unfortunately, at this moment we can only offer a yearly policy period for all our minibus options.

Unfortunately, our current insurer panel are unable to insure any vehicle in conversion stage. If you have the intention to convert the minibus into a campervan in the short term, we would be unable to offer a rate, however if it has been converted and the V5 has been changed with the DVLA we can offer a quote under our CoverMy Motorhome page.

Yes – With our minibus polices you’ll be able to drive a maximum of 5 vehicles. If you have more then 5 vehicles then head over to our Minibus Fleet page.

What Our Customers Say

Mr Hersi 10/05/2023

I will tell all my friends 


You are best insurance and best services,

That is why I chose five stars.

Thank you.

Mr Augustine 12/05/2023

Customer service

Response time to any questions is very quick, WhatsApp chat is very good for sending documents and straight forward.

When I do call, I’m not on hold for very long, so far it has been generally a great experience.

Mohammed Ayub 06/05/2023

Been with them for six years.

Have been good.

Would recommend every year I get a better price than the previous year.

Customer service has got better over the years.

Cover your School Minibus today

We much prefer to speak to our customers so call us for a quotation, our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5:30PM and Saturday 9AM to 2PM. Alternatively you can quote and buy your insurance policy online.

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