Professional Indemnity Insurance For Immigration Advisers’

Professional Indemnity Insurance For Immigration Advisers’

If you’re an immigration adviser and a part of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, then we’re here to take charge of your insurance needs.

As you continue to make appeals against immigration and asylum decisions to the Home Office, we’ll ensure you have the required liability to protect you. Suitable for OISC immigration advisers’ of levels 1,2 and 3, your insurance will cover claims made against you – including loss of data, defamation, negligence, misrepresentation, misuse of intellectual property, breach of confidentiality, and beyond.

Our leading insurance policy will provide professional indemnity of up to £5M, compensation for defending a claim in court, and unintentional defamation.

Why Choose CoverMy?

Flexible payment plans, helping you spread the cost of your insurance

Cover for Immigration Advisers levels 1, 2, and 3

Financial Loss Cover

Professional Indemnity cover up to £5m

Contents Insurance

Employers and Public Liability

Cyber Fundamentals

Buildings Insurance

Legal Expenses

You will need to have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place to protect against negligent advice, design or other professional work which causes financial loss.

With our insurance policies we understand that different services will require different levels. With our policies we can cover up to level 3 immigration advice.

Here at CoverMy we can provide a quotation within minutes and have all documentation sent over immediately.

What Our Customers Say

Mr Hersi 10/05/2023

I will tell all my friends 


You are best insurance and best services,

That is why I chose five stars.

Thank you.

Mr Augustine 12/05/2023

Customer service

Response time to any questions is very quick, WhatsApp chat is very good for sending documents and straight forward.

When I do call, I’m not on hold for very long, so far it has been generally a great experience.

Mohammed Ayub 06/05/2023

Been with them for six years.

Have been good.

Would recommend every year I get a better price than the previous year.

Customer service has got better over the years.

Get your Professional Indemnity today

We much prefer to speak to our customers so call us for a quotation, our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5:30PM. Alternatively you can quote and buy your insurance policy online.

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