Rural Taxi Insurance

Rural Taxi Insurance

If you drive a taxi in the countryside or are based outside cities and urban areas then CoverMy Cab Rural is right for you!

We’ve been providing exceptional cover to rural-based taxi drivers for over 35 years. You know more than anyone that you experience much less traffic, pedestrians, and risk in your rural area compared to the cities – and we know this too. This is exactly why we’ve created an affordable insurance policy with you in mind at CoverMy Cab.

We offer a range of features and benefits, including a 24/7 accident helpline, and low-cost cover for rural driving. Oh, and of course, you’ll also have social, domestic and pleasure cover too!

Get a quote in minutes and enjoy an introductory discount after you’ve provided proof of your private car driving experience!

Why Choose CoverMy?

Over 40 years’ experience providing insurance cover to drivers across the UK.

Options of cover available; Fully Comprehensive, Third-Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Only.

Flexible payment plans, helping you spread the cost of your insurance

Receive an Introductory Discount for proven private car driving experience with a No Claims Bonus

Cover for use of Private Hire/Public Hire, Social Domestic and Pleasure and Fast Food Delivery

Annual and short term insurance policies available

Cover for Audio Communication equipment and Passenger Personal effects as standard.

Up to 60 days EU Cover

We’ll keep you on the road and working with a replacement (licensed and plated) Private Hire vehicle in the event of a non-fault accident *(Terms may apply, speak to one of our team members to find out more)

UK based call centre

24/7 accident and claims reporting helpline

Excellent Trustpilot reviews

Private Hire car insurance, also known as Minicab Insurance is a motor insurance policy which specifically offers cover for taxi drivers where their local authority licence only allows them to take bookings for pre-arranged trips or contracts. Under a Private Hire policy you will not be covered for “plying” for hire on the street or at a taxi rank, for this you would need a Public Hire policy

Typically bookings will be made by a cab firm with the customer via a base office over the telephone and issued over a two-way radio or via a dispatch system, also private hire bookings can be made using mobile apps such as UberBoltOlaViaVan or Freenow

Alternatively you may have longer term contract bookings with local authorities or individuals and your policy will cover you for these.

Insurance for Private Hire use can be expensive. The reason for this is the generally the number of miles you’ll be driving compared to someone just using their car for personal use, as being on the road all day or night will significantly increase your exposure to accidents/incidents.

There is also the additional risk of injuries to your passengers which increases the average cost of a private hire insurance claim.

Driving in built up or highly populated areas such as London, Birmingham and Manchester will also mean a greater likelihood of accidents so premiums tend to be higher in these areas and lower in more rural areas and the countryside. CoverMy Cab offer great rates for Rural Taxi drivers

CoverMy Cab are experts in providing insurance for Private Hire and have been doing so for over 40 years. We’re committed to offering our clients the most affordable minicab Insurance.

Yes – We insure a number of imported vehicles. As long as there is a UK equivalent to the imported model and the the vehicle has passed it’s MOT, we will be able to insure it.

Yes – We also cover electric vehicles including hybrids. However, at this moment in time we do not cover Tesla models.

Insuring your taxi for use on the road is a legal requirement in the UK and having continuous hire and reward cover is a requirement of your local authority if you are operating as a licensed private or public hire driver. Taxi insurance is designed to protect you, your car and most importantly your fare paying passengers in the event of an accident.

A typical comprehensive taxi insurance policy will cover you for :

CoverMy Cover for Third Parties – covering death or injury to a person or any damage to their property or person, this includes cover for passengers in your vehicle

CoverMy Loss or damage to your vehicle due to accidental damage, fire or theft – to either repair the damage, replace parts or pay for the value of your vehicle

CoverMy Damage to your windscreen or other glass – which may be repaired or replaced

CoverMy Cover for your audio, communication and metering equipment when caused by accident, fire or theft

CoverMy Cover for personal belongings when caused by accident, fire or theft

There are many optional additional covers available, so speak to us on 0345 456 4444 for more details

This depends on the type of taxi driver you are and your local authority licence.

If you are licenced solely for Private Hire, your taxi must be booked in advance through a base office or via a mobile ride hailing app such as Uber.

Public hire taxis can pick people up from a designated taxi rank or by being hailed on the street without being pre-booked. Generally Public Hire taxis, also known as Hackney Carriages will have a lit taxi sign when “for hire” and will display their plates on the rear of the vehicle.

Some authorities offer dual licences so you can do both Private and Public Hire business. 

We can offer the following options for your hire and reward taxi insurance policy:

CoverMy Comprehensive – This is the widest form of cover. It covers you for accidental damage to your vehicle, loss of or damage to your vehicle as a result of fire or theft and your legal liability for motor accidents caused by you, including injuries to other people and damage to property.

CoverMy Third Party Fire and Theft – This covers damage to, or loss of your vehicle as a result of fire or theft and cover for your legal liability for motor accidents caused by you, including injuries to other people and damage to property. There is no cover for your vehicle in respect of accidental damage.

CoverMy Third Party Only – This is the minimum level of cover to drive your taxi. It covers your legal liability for motor accidents caused by you, including injuries to other people and damage to property. It does not provide any cover for damage to, or loss of your vehicle.

To allow flexibility to your working patterns we can offer cover for the following policy periods for your taxi insurance:

CoverMy Annual
CoverMy Six Month
CoverMy Quarterly – 90 days
CoverMy Monthly – 30 days

CoverMy Cab will make our best effort to offer cover for all individual cases, including young and inexperienced drivers, those with motor convictions and previous claims. We’ll need to assess all the circumstances before offering you a quotation but we have a wide range of products from a number of insurers so can usually quote a premium for everyone. Call one our team on 0345 456 4444.

We can provide immediate cover and get you on the road right away. To get started just click the button below, all we need is your contact information, a few details about your vehicle and the type of cover you are looking for. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the type of cover you think you might need, please get in touch with one of our team members on 0345 456 4444.

We can cover the vast majority of licensed taxi vehicles on the road in the UK, including 8 and 9 seater vehicles, electrics and imported right hand drive models. Call us with your vehicle details and we’ll give you a quote 0345 456 4444.

You can make a payment by credit or debit card, bank transfer at no extra charge or we can offer premium finance options with an initial payment and attractive monthly repayments.

Yes, your partner can be insured on your taxi at an additional premium, but first make sure your licensing authority allows this or that your partner is a licensed private or public hire driver. If they are not, they may be unable to drive your vehicle.

Your key documents, including insurance certificate, schedule and policy document will be sent to you by email within minutes. If you do not receive anything from us within 24 hours, then please give us a call and we will resend them. It’s worth checking your email spam folders just in case they have ended up there by accident.

We know your vehicle is your livelihood and understand how important it is to keep you on the road and working – Our simple to Bolt-on insurance policies are designed with you in mind, choose which ones to add to your policy: Taxi Breakdown, Replacement Vehicle, Legal Expenses, Full Glass Cover and Extended Public Liability.

​We want to support our customers by enabling them to work and support the communities that they live in. Please speak to one of our team members about fast food delivery cover for new and existing taxi drivers, including Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo.

Most taxi insurers only allow no claims bonus earned driving a taxi to be used on a taxi policy. However, we can offer attractive introductory discounts for private car no claims bonus. Please call us on 0345 456 4444 to discuss with one of our team members.

What Our Customers Say

Mr Hersi 10/05/2023

I will tell all my friends 


You are best insurance and best services,

That is why I chose five stars.

Thank you.

Mr Augustine 12/05/2023

Customer service

Response time to any questions is very quick, WhatsApp chat is very good for sending documents and straight forward.

When I do call, I’m not on hold for very long, so far it has been generally a great experience

Mohammed Ayub 06/05/2023

Been with them for six years.

Have been good.

Would recommend every year I get a better price than the previous year.

Customer service has got better over the years.

Cover your Rural Taxi today

We much prefer to speak to our customers so call us for a quotation, our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5:30PM and Saturday 9AM to 2PM. Alternatively you can quote and buy your insurance policy online.

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