Protect your business against hackers with Great Value
Cyber Insurance Cover!

Protect your business against hackers with Great Value Cyber Insurance Cover!

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We’ve got your Cyber Liability Insurance covered!

Did you know that a third of all businesses in the UK fall victim to Cybercrime? Hacking and other cyber-attacks such as Ransomware cost UK businesses millions of pounds each year. 

Whatever your business large or small, with or without an online presence – If you use a computer (even just to access emails) you could become a victim of Cybercrime.

Cyber Liability Insurance covers your business should you become the victim of cybercrime – For example if a piece of malware infects your computer system, or you receive a ransomware attack demanding payment. These attacks can have serious consequences, especially for smaller businesses who may not have the budget or resource to cope with the potential damage they may cause.

The risks do not stop with hackers gaining access to your systems, regulatory fines and the time wasted by employees who become locked out of systems pose a huge cost to businesses. Furthermore, there is a reputational risk to businesses – particularly where customer data may be compromised.


We are trusted

We’ve been providing great value Cyber Liability Insurance to businesses for over 10 years.

We’re independent insurance brokers with access to a range of products from multiple Cyber Liability Insurance providers.

Our Cyber Liability Insurance policies can include:

Equipment Cover – If your network and/or systems are damaged due to a cyber attack 

Ransomware attack – If a hacker holds your data to ransom

Business Interruption

Legal Expenses

Upgrade your cover with Bolt-ons

In addition to offering great value  Cyber Liability Insurance, we also offer a range of Bolt-ons.

Our Bolt-ons are designed to keep you working and protect your business. Choose which ones to add to your policy for complete peace of mind:

Cover if a dependent business’s operations are stalled due to cyber attacks

Cover for an employee error – i.e. not a malicious attack

Cover for fraud – when a business has attempted to impersonate to steal funds

Crisis management – We work with a national PR team to support your business through potential reputational damage incurred through cyber attacks

Why choose CoverMy Business for Cyber Liability Insurance?

Besides offering affordable Cyber Liability Insurance for small businesses there are so many reasons to choose CoverMy Business,
here’s just a few…

Over 35 years’ experience

UK based call centre

24/7 claim reporting helpline

Flexible payment plans, helping you spread the cost of your insurance

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Need to report a claim?

No one likes to think about having to report a claim or incident – We’ve made the process quick and simple so you can get on and manage your business!

Just Report the incident immediately to the insurer’s claims reporting number in your policy document, they should be available 24/7, then they’ll do the rest

Cover your business against Cyber Liability today

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