Commercial Legal Expense Cover

Commercial Legal Expense Cover

Starting a business is exciting, rewarding and thrilling. It does, however, consist of unspeakable amounts of work and effort, and as a business owner, you know this better than anyone.

For the business owners who put their last drop of blood, sweat and tears into their businesses, this additional bolt-on was made for you.

Our Commercial Legal Expense Cover will ensure your business won’t close down due to costly legal disputes. Your business won’t have to carry that financial burden – your insurance will cover all associated costs.

From contract disputes, debt recovery, employment disputes and beyond, we have your business’ legal expenses covered from the jump.

Why Choose CoverMy?

Employment Disputes and Compensation Awards

Legal Defence

Statutory Licence Appeals

Contract Disputes

Debt Recovery

Property Protection

Personal Injury

Tax Protection

Telephone helplines and other services

Business legal expenses insurance could provide cover for unforeseen legal costs (including legal representation) relating to your property, employment, or a contract dispute.

Unfortunately you are unable use your own lawyer We will appoint a preferred lawyer or other professional for you.

Yes, sudden or specific accidents causing the death of or bodily injury to an employee is covered.

What Our Customers Say

Mr Hersi 10/05/2023

I will tell all my friends 


You are best insurance and best services,

That is why I chose five stars.

Thank you.

Mr Augustine 12/05/2023

Customer service

Response time to any questions is very quick, WhatsApp chat is very good for sending documents and straight forward.

When I do call, I’m not on hold for very long, so far it has been generally a great experience.

Mr Mohammed Ayub 06/05/2023

Been with them for six years.

Have been good.

Would recommend every year I get a better price than the previous year.

Customer service has got better over the years.

Get your Commercial Legal Cover today

We much prefer to speak to our customers so call us for a quotation, our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5:30PM. Alternatively you can quote and buy your insurance policy online.

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