Executive Chauffeur Insurance is designed specifically to cover drivers of luxury, high-value cars. Chauffeur drivers carry passengers who expect a high class of service. Traditionally chauffeur drivers are polite, discreet and dressed smartly. Drivers will considerately open doors for passengers, assist with loading and unloading of any luggage. You can also expect that they have likely undergone additional driver training courses. A typical chauffeur service does not use a base office and a radio. Most executive driver only offer pre-booked jobs; and will have a limousine or executive type vehicle. In addition, to this they accept jobs on a pre-paid, account basis or by credit or debit card.

Do I need Executive Chauffeur Insurance?

Running an executive hire vehicle as an owner driver can be costly. We recognise that the day to day running costs of your vehicle can be expensive – that’s why having competitive and comprehensive Executive Chauffeur Insurance is vital to your business. If you need to replace a high value executive vehicle without the appropriate cover in place, the costs could have a massive impact on your business’ finances. 

This Image highlights a Chauffeur Service

Wedding car hire, corporate travel, airport pickups and various other chauffeur businesses commonly use vehicles such as Mercedes’, BMW’s, Bentley’s and more, which makes the need for the right insurance policy even more important.

When it comes to driving an executive vehicle of high value, ensuring that you are covered becomes even more important. Without the necessary cover, your vehicle won’t be fully protected. Once a policy is taken out, drivers can rest assured that they and their passengers are safe while making pick-ups and drop offs, no matter what.

What does CoverMy Cab Executive Chauffeur Insurance Cover?

Executive Chauffeur Insurance is designed specifically for high value vehicles and the level of service that they provide. So, what exactly does it cover?

1. Cover for high-value prestige vehicles up to £75,000
2. Option for public liability cover
3. A like-for-like replacement vehicle
4. No claims bonus protection
5. Discounts for drivers with confirmed chauffeur and executive driving experience

This is an image of a Executive Chauffer Driver , opening the door for a customer

Executive Chauffeur Insurance from CoverMy Cab

As expert Executive Chauffeur Insurance brokers, CoverMy Cab offer a professional and efficient service to all executive car hire businesses across the UK. With our UK claims management centre open 24/7 and knowledgeable claim’s handlers, you’ll always be able to find assistance quickly and easily, should you ever need any help to make a claim.

To get a Insurance Quote click here or call CoverMy Cab today on 0345 456 4444.

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