Unlike your personal car, taxis are required to have insurance for the purpose of carrying passengers for hire and reward. It’s important to consider which taxi insurance policy best fits the needs of you and your business. Do you need public hire insurance in London, or private hire insurance elsewhere? Are you looking for MPV or minibus insurance, or an insurance policy to cover a fleet of vehicles?

Before taking out a policy it is vital that you choose the correct policy for the vehicle that is licensed. Licensing authorities need to see valid insurance documents before giving you a taxi licence plate. Therefore getting the right insurance policy is of paramount importance to your business.

To help you decide which policy is right for your business, use our guide below.

Which taxi insurance policy applies to which vehicle?

Private Hire

A private hire policy is intended for drivers who have minicabs or private hire vehicles (PHVs). PHVs are always pre-booked over the telephone or through a base office via an operator.

CoverMy Cab provides comprehensive taxi insurance for private hire drivers across the UK. Our policy includes a range of amazing benefits you can find out more by clicking here

Public Hire

This policy is intended for traditional taxi vehicles such as the iconic London black cab. Public hire vehicles or Hackney Carriages don’t need to be pre-booked and can pick up passengers at a taxi rank, as well as getting hailed in the street. They usually have an orange or yellow “taxi” light on the roof of the car. This is so that passengers can recognise if the taxi is available for hire.

This is a image of a Public Hire Driver

CoveMy Cab also offers taxi insurance for public hire vehicle drivers. Benefit from having a tailor-made policy designed with you public hire needs in mind. To find out more about what we have to offer click here.

Chauffeur & Executive Hire

Executive car drivers and those offering a superior chauffeur service may need a more specific policy. This is because executive hire driver have higher value vehicles and insurance groups. If you work on a contract or account basis, and only take pre-booked clients you can take advantage of cheaper rates. Further discounts are provided for vehicles fitted with tracking devices.

At CoverMy Cab we offer cover for executive vehicles valued up to £80,000. To find out more about our Executive Chauffeur Insurance polices click here.

Minibus & Multi-Passenger Vehicles (MPV)

A vehicle with more than the standard five seats (including the driver) may be in a higher insurance group. These vehicles can be deemed to be a higher risk due to the number of passengers. An MPV vehicle is generally classed as one with between 6 and 9 seats and a minibus will have between 9 and 15 seats. As a result, you may have to get a more specific policy to fit your MPV or minibus vehicle.

This is an image of a minibus

CoverMy Minibus can offer you a private hire minibus insurance policy including covering vehicles from 9 to 15 seats. Whatever the need you have for your MPV, we’ll have best insurance solution for you. Want more information? Click here

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)

If you use a vehicle that has been purpose-built or modified to carry wheelchairs, this is the taxi insurance policy for you. More and more local authorities require a certain percentage of their licensed taxis to be wheelchair accessible, so if your car can carry wheelchairs then you could benefit from exclusive rates at CoverMy Cab.

To access our range of fantastic specialist polices click here to find out more

What else is there to think about when selecting my policy? 

You may also want to consider the option of legal expenses insurance, as well as Extended Public Liability Insurance. These options can be “Bolted on” to your policy where necessary. A legal expenses policy will protect you if a claim is made against you, or assist you in claiming against a third-party to recover any losses such as personal injury or loss of earnings.

Public liability insurance is highly important as it will cover you for any claims made against you by your passengers for personal injury or damage to their property when outside your vehicle.

How CoverMy Cab can help you decide which policy is best for you

At CoverMy Cab we have over 40 years’ experience getting the right taxi insurance policy for customers across the UK, providing specialist insurance to both private hire and public hire drivers. Our team of experts are committed to offering competitive taxi insurance quotes online with exclusive rates that you won’t find anywhere else.

Get an online taxi insurance quote from CoverMy Cab today. If you require any extra advice on which policy is the best one for you simply call us on 0345 456 4444.

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