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Here at CoverMy Cab we understand that sometimes things just don’t go your way. We think that taxi drivers should always be prepared for the worst, to ensure that you have the correct cover for every possible situation. We offer a wide range of taxi insurance extras that you can add on to your policy, to keep you on track and on the road even when the odds aren’t in your favour.

Extended Public Liability Insurance

Whether it was your fault or not, if a passenger injures themselves getting in or out of your vehicle, they are entitled to make a claim against you. By adding taxi liability insurance to your existing cover you can protect yourself from such claims. Public liability insurance provides you with protection up to £5m or £10m, against any damage or injury to third parties and their belongings, meaning you will be protected from significant loss as a result of a claim being made against you. Here at CoverMy Cab we tailor our insurance products around you, so whether you work in public hire or private hire, you’ll be sure to find a suitable policy.
Learn more about our taxi public liability insurance.

Taxi Breakdown Cover

We understand that your car is your livelihood, and without the use of your taxi, you will be losing a significant amount of your regular income. That’s why we offer a range of varied taxi breakdown covers, to get you back on the road as fast as possible. We understand that all taxi drivers have different priorities and may require different types of breakdown cover, and rest assured we will find the right one for you.

We offer simple roadside assistance policies, meaning if your car breaks down on-the-go we will aim to fix your vehicle there and then, and if this fails it will be taken to a local garage and patched up ready for the road. Perhaps you are worried about your car not starting at home? If this is the case then try our Home Start breakdown cover, where a team will be sent out to fix your car at your vehicle’s registered address. Or maybe you need wider cover, in which case our European taxi breakdown cover will be perfect for you, where we will send out specialists to get you back on the road no matter where in Europe you may be.

Learn more about the different types of taxi breakdown cover we offer.

Replacement Taxi Cover

At CoverMy Cab we understand that accidents happen, and we don’t think that you should be left off the road as a result of a collision. We know that time is money, and the longer you are off the road, the more it will affect your income. That’s why we offer 14 or 28 day at fault replacement vehicle policies. Where most insurance providers will only offer you a replacement vehicle for non-fault claims, we don’t think you should miss out on work, and so we can offer you a replacement taxi for up to 28 days if you are involved in an accident where you were at fault. Giving you enough time to sort your vehicle out and get it ready for the road, without missing out on valuable work. Our at-fault insurance is sure to give you peace of mind when your usual vehicle is unsafe to drive.

Learn more about our at-fault replacement vehicle insurance.

Taxi Office Liability Insurance

If you operate from an office, it is important that you invest in taxi office liability insurance. This type of insurance will cover you from any damage or injury caused to third parties and their belongings in and around your taxi office. Something as simple as a customer tripping up a step can result in serious legal problems if they are hurt and you are not covered, as you will be unprotected from claims made against you. At CoverMy Business we will find you the best taxi office liability insurance for your money. Once you have your taxi office insurance with CoverMy Business you can relax, knowing that we’ve got you covered.
Learn more about our taxi office liability insurance.

Looking for an bolt-on for your current insurance policy? Contact CoverMy Cab to see how our experts could help you find taxi insurance extras that will protect your vehicle and your income.

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