Insurance comparison sites. They’re everywhere. They have a tendency to make over-inflated promises of ‘comprehensive insurance you won’t find anywhere else! This is not always the case, especially when it comes to taxi insurance comparison sites. When you compare taxi insurance online, you are effectively being delivered some of the cheaper options. Insurance sites that don’t necessarily have the right expertise or experience when it comes to tailoring a policy to your needs.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to reconsider a comparison service online. Instead choose a specialised broker that will offer you a policy that is catered to your requirements.

Lack of Expertise

If you compare taxi insurance quotes online, you may not be seeking out the experts. Instead you may find that your search returns general insurance sites. These sites don’t necessarily have the expertise to help you find the taxi insurance that covers everything you need. 

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An experienced taxi insurance provider will have all the knowledge required to help you find the policy you need. They can help you to follow all legislative requirements as a taxi driver. As well this they can also provide you with valuable advice on additional options you may not have considered. Such as a replacement taxi in case you’re involved in a collision that keeps you off the road, and out of work.

A One Size Fits All Approach

When you use a comparison site, you may find that they offer insurance at a good rate. Which is ideal, right? Not necessarily. With a general provider, you are much less likely to be offered a taxi insurance policy that flexes with your specific business needs.

A specialist provider will be able to offer you much more flexibility when it comes to building your taxi insurance policy. Do you require wheelchair accessible insurance? Or temporary taxi insurance with flexible payments? A specialist will be able to offer you these additional services, and add-ons to your policy. A quote found via a comparison site may be fit for one purpose only, and that purpose may be much further from your needs than you think.

Limited Add-Ons

When your vehicle is your livelihood, it’s important to protect yourself with a comprehensive policy that covers all bases. That may mean that you require specific additional cover as well as your basic taxi insurance policy. This could include taxi breakdown cover, a replacement taxi vehicle option…. the list goes on. You may have to search separately for additional cover, which will not be included in your policy. This means more time – time that you don’t have – having to search for each specific element of cover that you require.

A specialist provider will do all the leg work for you. If you require additional cover, it will be added to your existing policy. It will also be tailored to your requirements. It will be issued by someone who will be able to offer you guidance on the cover you need according to legislative requirements, as well as any additional protection you may require for your business. Moreover, a specialist provider will be able to assist you directly if you ever have to add supplementary cover to your policy. You won’t be passed from pillar to post and you won’t be passed over to someone who has no idea what your business requirements are.


Think again before you compare online. Granted, the comparison sites deliver quotes at a speedy rate, and it seems like the most efficient way of getting a taxi insurance quote online – but in the long run, it may not be the best way of getting a taxi insurance policy that is flexible, tailored to your business requirements, and handled by experts with years of experience in the taxi insurance industry.

Looking for taxi insurance from a specialist provider? With over 40 years’ experience providing customer with custom-made policies, CoverMy Cab can offer you the right guidance when it comes to organising your taxi insurance. Contact us today for more details.

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