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After ensuring your vehicles and drivers are insured, it is important to have the correct insurance for your taxi base office. Your premises will need to be covered in the event of potential damage to itself or the persons inside, whether they are employees or members of the public. That’s why taxi base office insurance is split into three main types of cover – to keep you, your business, and your customers protected at all times.

Public liability

Public liability cover is highly recommended when it comes to considering your taxi office insurance policy. This part of the policy is designed to protect you from claims made against any injuries or illnesses contracted by customers while on your premises. If a customer ever injures themselves whilst on your property and decides to make a claim, public liability ensures that you are covered for any incurring costs, should they be necessary. Injuries may occur from slips, trips, falls or careless positioning of existing furniture. Ensuring that your taxi office is always made to be accessible and safe for customers to enter can help reduce any risks of having to make a claim on public liability insurance.

Policies are available in a range of flexible options, covering from £1 million up to £10 million per incident. It is important to choose a level of cover that is suitable for your taxi office, by taking into account the size of your premises as well as your budget.

Employers’ liability

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for all businesses within the UK, and is designed to protect your employees while they are on the premises. Ensuring that your employees work within a safe and secure environment is very important. Having a policy in place to cover for any accidental injury ensures that if an unfortunate incident ever does occur to an employee whilst on company premises, then the business is financially protected. Having detailed safety measures in place and providing the relevant health and safety training to all employees will make injuries much less likely to occur.

Buildings and contents cover

Buildings and contents cover could also be a part of your taxi office insurance policy. It will cover the building or buildings leased by your business from damage, as well as the contents inside. Buildings and contents cover often includes contents, fixtures, fittings, the shop front, and stock where necessary. This means that should any repairs to any damaged permanent fittings within the building be required, you’ll be covered for the cost. If renting a building, it is important to check with the landlord what is already covered under their existing insurance policy.

If you want to insure your taxi office, then CoverMy Business can provide office liability and premises insurance designed specifically for taxi firms. We know exactly what requirements are necessary to help keep you and your business covered. For the best rates or for more information on taxi office insurance policies, see our Taxi Base Office Liability page for policy details, contact information and more.

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